Tuesday, February 11, 2003

New in my world
While I have been semi-conscious with the shock of glimpsing the end of my dissertation struggles, Anja Rau has been busy getting the first number of Tekka out, Anne Galloway wants to know if anyone ever submitted a blog as their PhD dissertation. (Sorry Anne, I don't know, although it's an interesting thought - in Norway you can submit a collection of articles, but that's as liberal as it gets here, I fear.) David Gallagher at lightningfield.com is in California and the pictures make me sick with envy, Jill's blogg for the course on web-design which she's teaching this spring looks great and very interesting, and I am looking forwards to lunch with Eric Zimmerman tomorrow.

Oh, and unless you like the thought of fungus covering your tongue, don't read Stephen King: Dreamcatcher.

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