Monday, April 28, 2003

Have students - will travel
I have just been on a trip to Oslo with a group of first-year students. If people start telling me that younger people today are irresponsible, waste their time and their lives, are rude, unwashed and self-centered, they should have a therapeutic trip with this group. Not all were on the trip, mostly for personal reasons (illness and personal economy are valid excuses), but the 20 something who showed up were clean, awake (!), sober, polite, prepared (!!) and notoriusly on time. The group that had planned everything took the task very seriously, and they had made a good program with a wide range of information and public relations departments worth visiting. Not all the people they visited were as well prepared as the students. But from a pedagogical view, that was very good, because it showed my students how important preparation is in their kind of job, particularly knowing who you will talk to.

And we all agreed it had been a great trip.

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