Thursday, April 17, 2003

Why I love my wireless
I can sit in the chair in front of the window and watch the sun set in pink and gold right where the islands protect the fjord from the open sea.

It's 10 am on a holiday morning, and I am in bed while I write this, drinking tea while my husband reads right next to me. I didn't have a book, so I surf the net.

When I meet a stream of boys on their way up the stairs ready to demand the use of the desk-top in the home-office, I can point to my son's laptop and wireless link and say: get back into the basement! you can check your messages from there!

My daughter's sullen arguments about how she can not do her homework research properly without the same desk-top in the office are easily countered by giving one or the other lap-top into her hands with the options of working in the guest/spare room, two kitchens, two livingrooms or even on her beloved warm bath-room floor (OK, this may sound odd, but I think this family is genetically disposed to prefer cable-heated bathroom floors as comfort- and even working spaces. Open the doors carefully, and be grateful there are options!) My one complaint: the heater in the concrete walled room with a veritable labyrinth of pipes exclude her from using the wireless link in her room. Sad but true.

The wireless phones have removed the need to yell in this house. We just call - on the internal network and free of charge - the other floor and speak in moderate, civilised tones. Delightful.

With the cellphone I can embarass my daughter at a wider range. If she is late getting home, I can call all of her friends and ask for her, without waking their parents, thus limiting the embarassment to the area where it hurts her the most.

And there are of course a lot of sensible work-related reasons which I should mention here... but I am just too comfortable to think outside of this building. The sun is shining, the tea is perfect, I am getting a little hungry, and I want to go out and change the soil in the flowerpots on the terrace to give my lilies and herbs a better life this spring. Norway has the longest easter vacation in the world, and I plan to enjoy it!

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