Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Praise and spanish bubbles
It was the last of SKIKT. Several important sounding people said nice things about the program, and there were discrete little bottles in pretty blue wrapping given out to all who spoke. The highlight of the evening for me was however Jon Bing's words about the book where I had published an article. Jon Bing is, besides a professor in law and informatics, a very active author who writes in some of my favourite genres: Science fiction and fantasy. He also plays computer games with a passion. I was more than delighted when he immediately addressed my article, and he addressed it with enthusiasm! That made the trip worthwhile, and the reception afterwards with fingerfood, important-looking people and dry, spanish bubbly white wine together with Ragnhild Tronstad and others I knew from earlier SKIKT conferences was the icing on a cake which already tasted very sweet indeed. As insecure as I am about my work at the moment, I soak up anything that sounds positive like a sponge, and that wasn't even praise-like, that was straight-forward praise from a man who knows both informatics, games and fantasy!

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