Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Web Dreams
Ultimately, I want the Media Department at Volda College to offer a Master's Degee in Convergence Media News Editing. We already teach Television, Radio and newspaper journalism and editing, and all the technical processes are digitalized. We have started to teach multimedia editing in general, on a small scale, but the Quality Reform opens up for Master's levels at the colleges. Until we have a full professor (in Norway just having tenure, a PhD and loads of teaching practice does not a full professor make) we will not be able to start a Master's study, but I can start out with smaller courses at lower levels, to give shape to what I want to create. And before I get there I have to find the right software in which to create all of this, the right theory to teach the students how to think in more than one medium at the time, and possibly I will have to write parts of that. And I have to find a way to relate this to news and reporting. I am actually looking forwards to it! I haven't built and established a new study in years...

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