Monday, February 16, 2004

Almost done
It is an experience I have to go through. This year I am the project leader and responsible for an application to the Norwegian Board of research. I am not too optimistic, I am one of several critics in the Norwegian journal of media research of this very program, where I am applying for funding on behalf of a group of researchers within this institution. And this very fear is probably why the editors of the media journal had such a hard time finding people to write about their frustration with the politics of the research program. But we'll see. Our application this year is more focused on one topic, more to-the-point and involves a smaller, tighter group of researchers used to cooperate very closely, as well as a couple of written statements from other partners.

That's where I probably missed. I didn't have the time and energy to follow up the very generous offers for clear statements of intent when it came to international cooperation, so I haven't got half the letters to attach to the application which I could have had. But the people I work with know exactly what I have been doing the last month, so if that's the reason we don't get the money, I think they are able to forgive me. Although I should have made some Australian University invite me as a visiting scholar. I really want a semester or two in a somewhat warmer climate.

Anyway - it's my very first time as the coordinator of a group application, and I am proud that I am able to meet the deadline. Feels good!

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