Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Spring Cleaning
Outside the snow is knee deep, but it's soggy and wet with rain, so I guess it's spring. I was at work at 8 today, but it was already light out. It feels like the light returns in sudden lurks, and not through the smooth, slow transition where the daylight creeps closer to the time my alarm-clock rings every day. I have just finished 8 very hard weeks for all of the staff in the study I lead these days. It was tough on the students too, but they get a grade and a new task and can feel they have achieved something. I sit here in a messy office, and have to clean up after the party.

So what is what I have been doing today. I have thrown old papers, several crates full, just in order to be able to clean my desk. It isn't cleared yet, there is this neat little stack on my left hand waiting to be attacked, but at least those are things that need to be done, not the scattered remains of exams past and lectures done.

Now I am procrastinating, because it feels so incredibly good to be able to say "I will just wait a little". And during this spring-inspired procrastination, I checked what kind of beverage I am. Actually, I would love one of these right now!

You're a Cafe Mocha.
You're a Cafe Mocha!

What Kind of Coffee are You?
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