Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Slow, slow, stopped
No more surfing from home for quite a while for me. We switched providers from Telenor to Mimer. Telenor turned off their supply of fairly quick, smooth broadband connection Monday, and Mimer was supposed to have every thing ready so we could switch to their connection the same day. But who cares about one single user? Not Tafjord Mimer A/S! They can't even manage to mail the hardware in time, how are they supposed to be able to get the deal considering the transition from Telenor right? Am I angry? Yes. Only reason I am not driving to Ålesund to yell at them in person is that it's a deal through my husband's workplace, and he gets so embarassed when I get rude. So at the moment my respect for my husband outweighs my anger. It may change.

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