Sunday, February 08, 2004

"Consider This"
The web is sometimes very good and reliable and a wonderful source of information - at others an infuriating mess. Today I have spent at least an hour trying to find a link to the "Consider This" smoking cessation and prevention program for children aged 12-15. It is supposed to be a web-based program, and lead kids through different paths of persuasion, depending on their initial input.

I found one reference to this:
Hall J, Buller D, Ax B, Brown M, Woodall W, Borland R, Frank C. Challenges to Producing and Implementing the Consider This Web-based Smoking Prevention and Cessation Program. Health Communication and Information Technology, Electronic Journal of Communication. 2001; 11 (3 & 4).

Tomorrow I am giving a lecture on information gaps, and one of the articles I am basing this lecture on is about this program: a very detailed description of the many considerations involved in making the program - but I can't find the website.

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