Sunday, April 18, 2004

Dreams and desires
I have wild dreams of technology, and I enjoy living comfortably in a large house, but there is something I would really like to own, something that makes me pause and stare when I see one, something that makes me ache for time, blue blonde nights and smooth water. I think this is perhaps the most materialistic dream I have ever had. It is something I want just for pleasure, just for owning it and have access to it when ever I like. This runs deeper than the way I tend to pick up red shoes and boots when I have a chance, or the lust for a new gadget. I really want a wooden rowing boat, and even if I have to be an old lady before I can afford it, I will have one. And then I will pretend to go fishing, and just row, quietly, on the fjords. There is little more restful than the sound of oares and water against a wooden hull and the smell of salt and seaweed.

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