Monday, April 05, 2004

Wrapping it up
I will never dwell comfortably in the United States, the policies of the nation, the culture and the accepted truths too far from my own for me to settle in and feel at home. But it is still with a certain pain I tear myself loose and turn from the experiences and pleasures of the city New York and go back to the long stretches of work and everyday life in between the mountains. Options narrow down to a few, albeit comfortable choices, and the responsibilities I have fled for a short while will close in on me.

Still, spring awaits me there now, and while the windchill here is well below zero, I long for the scent and touch of spring, for the purr of my cat and the laughter of my teen-agers, for the cup of tea brewed and shared in comfort and for the banter in a language which never restrains me, never baffles my tongue. Tomorrow evening I am leaving, for the first time going to Norway by way of Reykjavik.

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