Monday, June 28, 2004

Conferences 2004
Finally got the "go" from our dean, and I can start registering to conferences.
Yes, I will be at Blogtalk 2.0, but I didn't need to clear that with the dean, except to make sure it didn't clash with anything at the College.
Next will be Ubiquity, the AOIR conference in Sussex. This will be my first AOIR conference, so I am thrilled about it.
After that it's the conference the dean wants me to attend - and which I am very happy to go to: Norsk Medieforskerlags 11. medieforskerkonferanse i Trondheim - Norwegian association of media researchers' conference 2004.
Next is something I am very happy to attend to: Jill Walker, Eirik Newth and Thomas Brevik are arranging a seminar in Bergen in November. I am looking forwards to that! I miss Bergen, have been going too much to Oslo lately, but going to Bergen is like going away and still going home.
Finally: Other Players. I am wringing the last drops out of my brain to write a paper before August 1st.

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