Wednesday, June 23, 2004

No crocodiles in my dreams. As a child I used to dream of wolves, chasing me through the night forest and on to the lawn in front of my parents' house.

A wolf stands for aggression, instinctive urges and cravings. In men's dreams a wolf indicates difficulties in controlling his sex drive; he may be out of control. Seeing a wolf is a warning of false friends. A wolf attacking: a well-known person will make a lot of trouble.

Now I dream of lions.

In the positive sense, a lion represents dignity, intensity and valiant energy. If you dream of a lion in a positive light, it means that you need to call on courage within yourself. If you are being attacked by a lion, be careful, you might be in danger. Seeing a lion: your friend sometimes looks dangerous. If you defeat a lion in the dream, you will eliminate your enemy. Seeing a lion in the cage: your enemy has no way to attack you now.

In my lion dreams I see the lion from a distance, then it comes hunting me, but I manage to trick it and close the doors on it so it is trapped. Now the house this happens in flows fluidly from my mother's house and to ours, as if the places I have called home have melted into a kind over "hyper-home" in my dream mind.

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