Tuesday, June 22, 2004

To do
Got to put this list here, or I lose it...
This year I may have said yes to too many things. But after years of the College waiting patiently while I finished my PhD, everybody now wants a piece of my time. I suddenly have responsibilities I did not expect, and find that I have to somehow make time for work vital to running this college, but not associated with teaching or research. I hate it for taking me away from the things I really like about my job, and love it because it gives me a chance to change the things that annoy me as I try to do the things I find are most important. And so I am ambivalent in this as in everything else. And my to-do lists now mirror this wide range of responsibilities:

Finish the keynote
Finish the information study plans for the autumn term (includes calling those guest teachers)
Look at the media theory plans, and plot when I teach
Read the papers for the reorganisation comittee
Attend the organisation theory seminar for the reorganisation
Read the papers for the college hiring board
Write a suggestion for an article on games and culture
Write a suggestion for a new course spring 2005
Finish the description of another, accepted new course spring 2005
Submit the reading lists by the end of the week
Check if I can order tickets for the conferences I want to go to this year
Clean up the office
Pack, and get out of here!

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