Thursday, June 24, 2004

From my moblogging colleague Erling Sivertsen I got a link to an article in the Norwegian newspaper, Bra nok bilder for folk flest, about the new Nokia 7610 and its accompanying program Lifeblog. Under the heading "browse your life", nokia invites: "Simply and easily save your mobile images and other data in Nokia Lifeblog on your PC to start your own, ever-growing, life log."

This is however not a service connected to the internet. There is no offer of server space and no system for publication included. What Nokia calls a Lifeblog, interesting though it is, is a program to organise your pictures and text messages on you own PC.

Nokia Lifeblog takes care of the organizing so that you don't have to. You don't even need to leave your mobile phone software open. Just install it on your phone and let it start building your diary as you take photos and videos, and send and receive messages. Then, Nokia Lifeblog makes sure that you don't have to delete memorable moments in your life just to make room on your phone. To clear up space on your phone, connect to your PC and let Lifeblog save and display your items securely and efficiently.

What we have here is a classic personal diary, but on your computer. Which, by the way, I think is a neat idea, particularly if you have a camera phone and it also connects with your organiser on the cellphone. Then I could match my college calendar on the college organising system with my cellphone every time I dropped by at the office, and I wouldn't have to write everything twice. However neat I think it may be though, it is not a blog. The log function exists, but the web part, which creates the (we)blog, is non existant.

Somebody at Nokia didn't do their research before naming the thing.
Or, somebody at Nokia have wicked plans of selling server space and net connections, and are just testing the software on peoples' unsuspecting PCs.

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Anonymous said...


I'm weak in Norwegian, so thanks for the link and review.

Regarding the naming: we were quite aware of the gap between Lifeblog 1.0 - characterized by some as 'non-blog Lifeblog'. We chose to name it with the long term view of us adding the blogging feature. It just didn't make it into the first version. But, it'll sure the heck make it into the next version.

We've started showing the development version this past week at DEMOmobile in San Deigo ( And here's an announcement regarding our collaboration around blogging with Six Apart (

Rest assured that blogging will be a part of Lifeblog from the next version on, and we hope to grow the blogging features over the years into something really cool.

Regarding the wicked plans... thanks for the idea.


Lifeblog Dude