Friday, July 08, 2005

DAC 2005, cfp

The deadline is August 8th, and here's the CFP

Dear colleagues,
There is still time left to write and submit a paper for the Digital Arts &
Culture 2005 conference!!
Paper submission is August 8th and the conference takes place in December
1st-3rd at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The theme of the conference is Digital Experience: Design, Aesthetics &
Practice. Researchers within the humanities, social sciences, human-computer
interaction and computer science studies, as well as those working both
practically and theoretically in newer fields such as digital art, digital
literature, game studies, online communities and new media studies are
encouraged to submit proposals for papers.

Possible topics could be, but are not restricted to:
- the specific nature of digital experiences
- cultural implications of digital experiences
- characterizing the user experience in specific digital environments (i.e.
computer games, online worlds, and ubiquitous computing environments)
- experiencing emotions, affect and trust in digital environments
- emergent formations in digital media
- methodologies for analysing digital experiences
- aesthetic approaches to communication design and experience
- the design and experience of non-informational spaces (digital art,
codework, literature, games etc.)
- design experience documented (case studies and examples of actual design)

Find the full cfp, conference history, accommodation information etc at the
conference website:

conference chairs
Lisbeth Klastrup & Susana Tosca

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