Friday, July 15, 2005

Hooked again - WOW

Finally, I have time to sit down and explore a new online game. The summer has been erratic, one or two summer days, and then it's back to spring/fall weather. Everything is slow, the farmers are grieving the probably loss of their second harvest of grass, and I am moping and looking at the mess of my garden. I just don't feel like weeding in the rain.

But indoors I am having fun. I am playing World of Warcraft, am a member of the Horde on one of the RP only servers. My orc shaman (named Agirra, in memory of Agirra Lavender - and yes, it's an extremely obscure reference) is still at level 7, and I just logged out to see if there are som quest helps. And yes, I found what I was looking for, and so I can stop running around Orgrimmar like a blind bat. Or - eh - Agirra can stop running. I sit on my butt, with the laptop, in the livingroom, sipping tea and occasionally looking up to check if it's worth it to go out. Most of the time it isn't.

But this discovery has brought back a sensation which was once extremely familiar. I don't want to leave the internet connection. I want to stay here, sipping tea, watching the weather, playing WOW, until I am bored. I fear that may take a while.


Thomas said...

Despite my hard working in the bar, all the hurried (and beautiful) days on the beach, I must admit that I've done my share of running to and fro the little village in the middle of The Barrens.

Happy wow-ing, Torill, until the sun reaches Volda again! :)

erlingsi said...

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Long live the innovative and game inspired presentation of the terror in London last week...