Thursday, July 21, 2005

From a leisurely frontier

I have been trudging around this desert for days. My gear is worn out, and I just found myself in the remotest corner of my map, as far as I could get from the man I need to see. I have been staring at sand until I know its digital nuances, and if I am chased by one more hyena, it is one too many. A woman has just so much patience with dieing.

Poor Agirra is fighting her way through the levels. I managed three today, by shere stubbornness and bad summer weather. But I also had the first role-play session on the server, and a conversation which told me something about the limitations of role-play in World of Warcraft - even on RP servers. I am looking for a guild named onyx something, as the troll who hit on my orc girl recommended. No, no physical or virtual hitting on each other ensued, but we did kill a lot of winged harpies and managed to clean out NPCs which would otherwise have murdered us both. I learned to use several new features (I now have a friend on WOW!), and even got to try out some of the skills that I could only use in a party. Are those my skills or Agirra's? I guess I can use the distinction that the skills she learns through training are Agirra's skills, the ones that all share and use for communication and dealing with the logistics of the game are mine. After all, I know how to read a map, but I don't know how to resurrect a corpse - reading maps is my skill, resurrection is hers.

Tomorrow it will still be raining, but I will be packing to go away for a few days again. The daughter is working at a farm by the summer house this summer, the son is voluntairing at the Molde jazz festival, the cat is keeping the girl company and the parents are seriously vacationing in the most comfortable of all vacation spots: our large, comfortable house, with occasional trips to check on the next generation.

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