Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The coolest thing

"So what was the coolest thing?" my New York connection asked on the phone this morning, after the symposium was over. I couldn't answer, really, as the coolest thing was meeting people. I met Daniel Pargman (phd thesis), who I just like more each time we meet, Turner Whitted from Microsoft, who was a great surprise with his eclectic approach and great curiosity of all things, and Dina Mehta, whose blog I have noticed and who turned out to be as fun, smart and wise in the flesh.

There were others, of course, hip and less hip, busy and less busy - the Terra Nova crowd has become too large to lump them all together, but some of the ones from way back when are still as charming, curious and knowledge seeking as they used to be, new names which I have to go back and check in order to make sure I get them right in my mind still made a strong impression, while some confirmed my opinion from earlier and hence proved that some things are consistent, a very reassuing thing.

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