Monday, May 08, 2006


It's almost 5 am. I have been awake since 1.45. I am hungry, have a headache and can't sleep. Jet-lag usually never bothers me, but on this trip it is suddenly totally overwhelming. I am in Redmond, Seattle, Washington, on the MSR 2006 Social Computing Symposium, and I am so tired I have no idea to survive tomorrow. Perhaps a couple of hours sleep will grace me after this post, and then be really bad and nap a little in between events. The worst things to do, I know. And drink enough water and get exercize, and I should be OK in... 2-3 days.

Think friendly thoughts and send energy to my deprived brain, going to need it now! This looks like a fun event, lots of friendly interesting people I really would love to have long and interesting conversations with, and obviously many blog-worthy options, so I am so happy to be here I have no idea why the whole jet-lag hasn't been chased away by happy hormones already.

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