Friday, May 19, 2006

Lotus Organizer?

Kicking back between sessions, and I am looking at software to use with cellphones. Returning readers may know that I am not happy with the positioning of my birthday. The high pressure on the family's resources in February has caused my birthday present to be horribly delayed this year - like most years. But that means I have plenty of time to plan what I want - and what I want this year is a cellphone with a calendar function which can easily be integrated with a calendar on the PC.

At the moment I use Groupwise for the PC - it's the program the college uses, and it gives me a calender which I can find online (everything saved on the college server), but which can't be synchronised with the cellphone. That is, unless I buy a BlackBerry. Which is a big ugly lump. This way I have to do the synchronisation manually, and I also have to refuse to make appointments unless I have access to my computer, as there may be things I have not put into the cellphone. This is very annoying, and I would like to find a solution to this.

One solution would be to just start using Outlook Express, by Microsoft. Most cellphones with calendars can be connected to this, and it would be a trivial matter to solve my problem. However... well, you all know about the danger of catching bad viruses through Outlook. I live in terror of having all my notes deleted by a virus, it would feel worse I think than just having them stolen.

So now I am looking at Lotus Organizer by IBM. This is the other system that Nokia phones can cooperate with through their PC suite. I can of course get another phone than Nokia - Motorola have some neat ones, although after finding their ad where the girl holding the phone looks like she is about to masturbate I am a little less enthosiastic about that. Sony Eriksson is much better on the combination bluetooth - triband, both of which I need, but they only synchronise their PC Suite with Outlook. If not something better.


GSH said...

This NY Times article has some info.

In particular, FutureDial looks interesting. However, I've never tried them, so I have no idea how good they are.

Torill said...

Thank you for the links, lots of good information in that article! But it did not give me what I need, which is an organising system other than outlook express compatible with the current mobile systems, or a mobile phone with software compatible with Groupwise. Future Dial works with microsoft outlook, and helps you synchronise your cellphone with outlook, the same thing as the phones are already programmed to do. At least some of them.

GSH said...

Although FutureDial is not obvious about it, they do say they support Lotus Notes.

For example, if you click on the calendar link, it mentions support for both Outlook and Lotus Notes.

But they do emphasize the Outlook support, so I'm not sure how good the Lotus support is.

nutshelled said...

Hi, I don't know if this will help you in any way, but this is a Microsoft certified software -
BullGuard Mobile Antivirus for Windows and Symbian devices, available in Norwegian as well:

I found it linked on Can't find a price. There is a free trial.
I have not used it, tho.

I use AVG av from Grisoft, free edition, on my pc, and am very pleased - it scans all incoming Outlook mail, have never had a virus. But I don't know, don't think, it works with a mobile.