Monday, May 08, 2006


Reputation as currency. Can reputation be transferred in the same way as currency, can we use the concepts symmetrical or asymmetrical and can we even compare money and reputation?

It obviously has a value, social, economical, cultural and professional. Can we talk about Bourdieu here?

But the argument is about something very different from what I thought we were entering into, and talking about branding rather than personal authorithy and reputaiton. I am confused by the argument, by transferring reputation to a brand, and claming that the individual is a brand as much as a person.

So what is George Bush, a brand or a person?

I am lost in the argument, seeing that my references are not within the sphere we are touching, and the language eludes me, as does the references of the people discussing reputation. My social and cultural capital has little value here, Martha Stewart and Oprah as examples which elude me, while I want to talk about Bourdieu, Sennet and Goffman, and games, certainly, but we are discussing how Oprah can change the book industry from her show, by using her reputaiton.

There is more flaws to this argument than just me not being able to say that brand equity is the same as reputation, but the lack of common references leaves me lost.

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