Monday, June 18, 2001

Aarinfel is struggling to stay open until the administrators have reviewed and redone the theme, and in the mean time three of the main creators of Aarinfel are creating Azhad, modelled on the original Aarinfel idea of a game of politics rather than high fantasy. Azhad is supposed to open July 9th.

Aarinfel is a frustrating experience now, no administrators to see to the daily running of the game: no backgrounds approved, no new players losing their newbie status, no plotlines approved, no favour points given for exellent role-play - the world is frozen in a situation where there can be no change, and as such the players have no influence - no power over their situation - or agency I guess Janet Murray would say.

Knowing this, Azhad is discreetely recruiting the oldest and/or best players. Logging on to Azhad is like going three-four years back in time. Not all the original people are there, but quite a bit I haven't seen for the better part of a year. It's like figuring out where your old friends have all drifted off to hang out. Odd.


jessica said...

Hey... I don't really know your connection to the game, or if you still have an active email address attached to this, but is there a chance of Azhad ever, EVER coming back? Gah, I miss it so much. A Google search only turned up your blog. Hope to hear from you some day! My email address is jjgamba AT

Torill said...

Hey Jessica

No, I don't think those MUDs will be back up at any time, although I don't really know. I stopped looking for them years ago. I do however occasionally get in touch with some of the players, in some unexpected places. They are the ones who, like me, have stayed in touch with the more academic side of gaming.

There is a small group playing WoW on one of the US servers, but i don't know which. I have a EU account, and can't hang out with them.

Take care, and thanks for reminding me about things I was concerned with YEARS ago!