Tuesday, June 19, 2001

I looked in on Lisbeth's blog today. Sometimes I wonder if there is a difference between personal and academic. In presentation there is a difference between what is work and what is private. I do not wish to give in to the development of the tyranny of intimacy as Sennet describes it, where the front stage is pushed back until it contains the private sphere.

However, I do believe that the production of knowledge is very personal. Our minds, hearts and even, yes, bodies, are involved in the process. It's why it is so easy to feel like you love the one who shares your interests, who really understands your academic progress. If you are unhappy, it will show in your language, in your conclusions, while your satisfaction and happiness might very well ruin your ability to think critically.

I don't think this is good or bad, I think it just is part of being a scholar. It's not a career, it's a life - something which the Norwegian State knows how to take advantage of, that's reflected on my pay-check.

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