Monday, June 25, 2001

Sometimes I read articles which just annoy me. This morning I read three of them in a row, all in the same journal: Syn og Segn, an old and important Norwegian Culture Magazine. The topic was "Digital intimacy." I had tea and read articles, and soon I had learned that I chat online because it constitutes me as a subject and a human being, that the need for updates is what's killing journalism when it gets online, and this according to the author is a totally new thing, never happened until net journalism (hey, I thought radio journalism was about continuos updates, and radio is a pretty old medium by now), and last - that Artificial Intelligence research aims at recreating the visions of The Matrix, where we will be plugged in to converse with "the rational man" developed in MITs labs. I particularly liked the last argument: it's about as valid as medicine having Frankenstein's monster as the ultimate goal. Which they might have, of course, what do I know about the secret conspiracies in the medical field?

The URL for Syn & Segn is - for some reason it won't connect today

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