Friday, June 15, 2001

Back from Selje, and tasting how it feels to be planning for the next semester. It was a frustrating experience not to write, but an interesting experience to discover that the seven years I worked at building a Public Information Education were not wasted, and I still know what I am want to do with that education and why. I also realised/remembered how tired I was when I got on leave. I remember wanting to hide from those wonderful people I will be working with. A break makes all the difference.

I'll be making a blog for the education though. We keep having these informal discussions and ideas about topics which can develop into anything: themes for student papers on all levels from 3-page papers to 100 page dissertations - and because we're just four people all up to our necks in teaching, administration and research, nothing comes of them. Better to put them out there and see if somebody else might want to use them - or disagree with us and attempt to disprove them.

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