Friday, June 07, 2002

I have been smuggling for years, I just didn't know about it. According to Norwegian Customs, I am only allowed to take one kilo of chocolate into the country, without paying for importing it. That was scary, next time I have been to Economy Candy in NYC before getting on the plane home, I'll have that guilty look and they will take me aside and go through the entire luggage looking for the illegal substances that make me look like that. And then they'll grab my stash of chocolate, optimistically hidden underneath the books, and fine me severely for years and years of pushing sweets.

Anyway - talking of luggage: One more piece arrived today - it was the backpack with some clothes, books and back-up CDs. It was soaked. Not good - damage-report already registered, one bag missing still. The last bag has been sighted though, and should arrive this afternoon.

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