Wednesday, June 26, 2002

What's your password?

According to this article, the top ten passwords are:

1. no password at all
2. "password"
3. Cartoon characters (Homer, Road Runner, Mickey Mouse, Dilbert)
4. Football team or player's name
5. Pet's name
6. Astrological sign
7. First love, boyfriend/girlfriend's name
8. Profanities/obscenities
9. Any sci-fi or fantasy characters (Gandalf, Frodo, Jedi, Wookie, Hercules)
10. Company name

This is kind of obvious - what's interesting here is what they call "social engineering" - other would call it knowing the culture. But I guess if we know the culture in question knowing how people would think and associate has to be some kind of engineering in order to be interesting. Semiotics, Watson.

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