Saturday, June 01, 2002

Once upon a time - Oh, might that even have been in an article - I seem to remember saying something about there not being much flaming in blogs. Looks like Des is doing his best to prove me wrong:

I do have my own site, obviously, and one of the rights I exercise here is the right to decide that some things are better said elsewhere, or not at all. (The idea of being told how I should use this space by someone who patrols her own borders so fiercely has He Who Yearns To Use The Word Phallogocentric In Anger straining at the leash, but I have him yet, I have him.)

And I acknowledge that same right in others; yea even unto the gate-keepers of the Sacred Groves of Academe. My concern, like Foucault's, is with the exclusion of certain kinds of voices, rather than their "owners". Being told that I can have a say (if I scrub behind my ears and eat up all my greens, and write where and how I'm told) but that He Who Ululates Elsewhere With My Throat cannot isn't a solution. It's the definition of the problem.

I still don't see what Des' problem is, unless it's that he really wants to be able to write in certain blogs, but the owners won't let him, because - surprise surprise - they don't like to be told what to do in their blogs either. Gets him lots of attention though, and that should keep boys-who-don't-like-to-eat-their-greens happy.

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