Monday, June 17, 2002

a meme just because
Francis quotes jillmatrix, because he loves Nancy - I couldn't resist, mainly because of my soft spot for Francis:

"Five things that pick me up when I'm feeling blue. Now, how 'bout you?"

  • A new fantasy or science fiction novel.
  • One of the teen-agers in a cuddly mood.
  • Tea carried by some considerate family member all the way downstairs where I have hidden in the music/TV room in order not to bother anybody else with me being blue.
  • Long online chats or games with some favourite friends, like my NYC-connection.
  • Trying on old clothes. I haven't blogged this before, but I am losing weight this spring - surprising amounts of weight! I am down 11 kilos, and I have only a few kilos to go until I can get into the trousers I wore in 1985 - before both pregnancies, a thyroid malfunction and years spent before the computer screen. It started out as an online duel, but now the other woman is so far behind that I have stopped posting pictures of the new me and updates on how I shrink. But I get quite a kick out of reading my journal documenting all of this - a kick I'd normally get from chocolate. (This diet permits chocolate! I guess that's the only reason I can stick to it.)

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