Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Without any help from the internet tracer services, one of the lost pieces of luggage found its way to the house, carried to the door by one of my favourite airport employees, one of those guys who knows every passenger by name and books journeys to any place I want in the world, cheaply, easily and with an uniquely personal service (remember, when you come home, you will need ID. We can always find a way to convince the people at Oslo Airport that we know you, but it's a little harder if you try to get home from Copenhagen without something to prove who you are...).

From the kids' point of view, that was the most important piece of luggage, my daughter's new case for her saxophone; the case stuffed with presents and sweets. I am however still waiting for the books, and my new shoes. The books, or course, are the most important...

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