Saturday, June 07, 2003

Aldri så galt...
There is a saying in Norwegian: "Never so bad it is not good for something." Now that the posts and the archives have all migrated (I see a flock of posts settling like birds into their new spots, unruly, chattering, eager to stop and eat on the way there, but still part of the larger whole) to the new home, I can start thinking of the good things which happened during the last rather frustrating days.

At my first panicked post, I had emails from a couple of my favourite people out there with advice on how to find the lost archives, and one helpful researcher had even saved all of march because this blog was part of her research. That was wonderfully distracting, and kept the despair out of the frustration that first unhappy evening.

The next day proved that there were more people out there reading my blog than I knew. An old friend - well, she's just as old as me, but I haven't really talked to her since we were both in junior high - wrote and offered me space on her virtual server. She registered the domain and is planning to install movable type today. I will take her up on her generous offer, and while I may not move this blog to her site, I have other plans. I am not sure in which persona yet though...

Among other interesting feedback were the sympathetic comments of Dalibor, who thinks he is the only Croatian blogger out there, and Janus, who said "You don't know me - I'm just a reader of your blog." and then commenced to send me the links to all the missing archives. Francis, who calls himself my fan and whose writing I have admired (and envied) since I first found his blog, wrote to tell me that his problems were solved, as well as those of Tinka at Dust from a distant sun (That's still one of the most beautiful blog names I know).

But my problems had not been solved. While Francis and Tinka had been able to publish their complete blogs, archives and lost posts and all, I couldn't post anything. The editing window was back to the old one, and all I got was error messages. So I checked out blogger control. And somebody had noticed one of my desperate error messages! OK, so it was a short message to show me that I was not alone and they were working on it, linked to an other message telling me everything was OK now, I should just republish... yeah right, I would if I could! But I could see who was responsible for fixing the problem, and it was the father of blogger, the man himself: Ev! I got a warm fuzzy feeling, an apology - Ev said it was bad, really bad what had happened - as well as a new title to the next error message.

But that was all yesterday's news, as you can see. The really good news is that I am left with a sense of actually being part of something. OK, I may have heard from my entire readership over the last couple of days, but you exist and you care and I love it!

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