Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Fast and slow
Alex Golub - yes, the jedi academic, writes a comment on a presentation from the digital genres conference:

Once we start thinking in this way, our understanding of blogs starts to shift. On the one hand, Blogs seem to be quick versions of the oldschool texts we grew up reading. On the other hand, they seem like slowed down versions of the conversations we grew up speaking. Indeed, we can easily arrange quick texts along a time continuum: IRC is operates at the speed of discursive realtime, email (at least for those who email a lot, which is most of us, I think) is a bit slower, blogs a bit slower still, and so on and so forth. Of course, how quick quicktexts are is a function of their deployment in a particular context and is only partially limited by the technology that creates them (IRC is much quicker and easier to post to than Movable Type, for instance).

I enjoyed all of Alex' comments, but this part hit particularly close to home. I love the part of blogging where there is a conversation between the blogs, thought out posts, not just quick comments. Occasionally I almost feel nostalgic for that, as if it has been lost. Perhaps it has?

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