Monday, June 30, 2003

Spam and consequences
Hanne Lovise Skartveit, a Ph.D. at the Media Institute at the University of Bergen, emailed me with a comment on my post on spam. Hanne Lovise points to a presentation she heard at a conference in Finland. Informing Science + Information Technology Education joint conference, June 24-27 2003 has a paper called Spam and Anti-Spam Measures, written by Christopher Lueg.

It is an interesting paper, although a little hard to find - you have to go to the proceedings 2003, search for lueg, and then look up the PDF file. It discusses spam from several different angles, although I don't find that the paper discusses the problem of the information gap and email spam. Hanne Lovise said that it was mentioned in the discussion, so I'll just assume it is there!

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