Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Monoblogs and diablogs
I have been brooding over Erik Newth's mention of monologic blogs - monoblogs. He claims that a commentary function makes a blog less like a monologue, and more like a dialogue. This annoyed me enough that I commented on Jill's blog, sounding somewhat "snurt" actually, as we'd say in Norwegian. But slow thinker that I am, now I know what bothered me.

What Erik calls monologue, Alex Golub calls slow conversations. While I am the only one who can write in my blog, I don't write without context, without referring to others, and without considering the feedback I get. There is a conversation, but it is a lot slower than that involving a blog where trackbacks and comments are displayed. So I guess what Erik is really saying is that he prefers fast(er) conversations over slow(er) ones.

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