Thursday, June 05, 2003

to call or not to call
I have the telephone right next to me. I have the number to pyra. I am deeply unhappy about this, and if they hang up on me because I call rather than use the blogger support site, I'll be feeling even worse. What makes me so desperately unhappy? They have screwed up before and recovered, why have I lost faith? I think it's the changes over the last months. I have wanted to get blogger pro, but I postponed it because I wanted blogger pro when it supported Opera. I don't know if it does yet - didn't check the last month. I just paid to have the site ad free.

And then all the little changes started. At first it was the support. There was one type of support for the regular bloggers, and an others for those who paid. That was OK, because I can see why 1000000 users can be a strain to a small support staff. Then the feed-back I could give changed. Nobody answered questions any more. I could post a notification of a bug, but they were never reviewed. Not long ago ads reappeared on my blog, not at the front page, but in the archives. When I tried to notify blogger, the emails to all bounced. No matter which email address I used. Now this.

I have the telephone right here, next to me. I am so frustrated, I can't focus on any other work. If I had somewhere to install Movable Type I'd have started fiddling with that now, to start fresh somewhere else. But I'll try to take a deep breath, and wait until tomorrow with the real hysteric screams. I'll give Blogger 24 hours. I have lost only about 10 days of work, the rest has been recovered in different ways. I may be able to bring it back up elsewhere. I may still be able to recover my online body (to quote cyborg mommy).

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