Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Manycoloured wigs
After weeks of feeling that nothing makes sense, it is interesting to find that a site with a picture of wigs in many different colours and a list of links to summaries of books by Baudrillard, Barthes and Marcuse gives me a feeling og nostalgic recognition, reminiscent of coming home. Parry and First seems to be a place for storing lecture notes and summaries by some anonymous graduate student, a little online pocket in a fold of the net, found by google and my command, while looking for links on Seduction by Baudrillard.

Somehow the wigs in the window touched me, as I feel like that at the moment: Like I am only surfaces, that what others think is a head is a plaster lump carrying a wig, a seductress who does not love, only scheme for the effects of learning, not the spell of it.

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