Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Typical May week
Norwegians like May. It's the month with the most holidays all year. Yesterday was 17th of May, and Thursday it's ascencion day - the day Jesus went up to heaven, you know. That means most Norwegians work two days this week, because we all have a little extra time to take out Friday. Those two workdays I am spending with the department, in a cabin on an island, talking about more or less serious things concerning teaching and administration - but also fishing, chatting, having fun.

The weather conspires against us though: there is a gale blowing, 8 on the Beaufort scale (sterk kuling), and it's been raining steadily for the last three days. Wish me luck - I'll be stuck in a cabin with the men I argue with the most frequently! The rest of the week will be spent with family, in various locations at Sunnmøre, all of them without an internet connection.

Beaufortscala, Deutsch
Beaufort wind scale

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