Friday, May 28, 2004

Sometimes you find that there is an other mind so close to your own that it is as if the thoughts could have been yours. It is a feeling of thrill and terror - a sensation of seeing boundaries slip and the self become diffuse, blurred. Today I received a book in the mail that gave me exactly this experience.

Ragnhild Tronstad, who defends her thesis Friday 11th of June, in Oslo, has a chapter that makes me feel that intellectual boundaries are dissolving. Chapter six: "Questing as a Deductive Discourse" uses Baudrillard, and discusses seduction and seductive quest objects. I don't know whether to get jealous, or all gooey. I started to plan a chapter/an article on Baudrillard, seduction and games in 2000/2001. There's an old draft on my computer, waiting for me to immerse myself in it - and here Ragnhild writes it. Well, not exactly - I never connected it to quests. Interesting, very interesting connection.

So, as you understand, I am eagerly leafing through her dissertation, but most of all I am just looking forwards to my trip to Oslo, for her defense.

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