Saturday, May 15, 2004

Spelt flour
Spelt is old-fashioned wheat, with a higher content of protein and a somewhat lower content of carbohydrate than normal wheat. Hildegard von Bingen mentions spelt as a particularly good type of grain, for all purposes, and particularly for healing and strengthening the body.

I have been using spelt rather than wheat in baking for about a year. After a year of testing, I find that I am not as sensitive to bread, cookies and cakes made from spelt as common wheat. I can even have occasional waffles! Particularly with my own specially made strawberry jam. But I am still looking for recipes, and today I had the brilliant idea to make a search for it online:

Steep Hill food recipes
Spelt flour organic recipes
Spelt noodles
Blueberry muffins

And a bonus recipe, Angel Food Cake with fructose, rather than saccharine.

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