Thursday, February 16, 2006


And I am not moving anytime soon. OK, not until 5th of March. Presentation went fine, exept that at first nothing worked, and some intense hacking was needed to bypass a firewall and be able to show the things I wanted. Thank the Goddess for a gamer audience. I also met two sisters, 2 1/2 nephew/niece, three former study mates (now professors/candidates), a handful of old professors, a couple of game researchers and wannabes, same number of people who want me to be involved in their projects, a lot of friends (several with overlapping roles in earlier cateories), a roomful of interested students and gamers, my daughter, her friends and several busdrivers in helpful supporting roles.

Now I am exhausted, have injured my hips (probably from running constantly on asphalt for two days) and need to change gears from teaching to writing.

Perhaps killing owlbeasts in Winterspring helps...

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