Monday, February 20, 2006

Travels this year

It's that time again, when the college asks which conferences we plan to attend. As I am going to the other side of the planet and back in a couple of weeks, I have been a little distracted from planning other conferences, so I don't really know. Brilliant suggestions are received with thanks.

But one conference I would like to check out if it is arranged again is State of Play. It's wonderfully convenient in New York, I get to meet a lot of the game scholars whose work I often read and enjoy, and it's a different perspective from what I otherwise see in games, so I'd like to know - does it happen again? What will the focus be? Who are they inviting? Yes, I know, I was a little unimpressed this year, but hey, I am not that hard to impress and the potential for interesting presentations and presenters is large!

If I am a very good girl and write a lot this year, the college is a little flexible about additional conferences, but I really should get around to it soon for other planning. There's teaching too, people tell me.

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