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the IT University of Copenhagen. The topics of my writings here are among other things media studies, reader-response theory, role-play games, Internet Culture, travel, academic weirdness and online communication - put together at random. Google scholar page.

For my students

If you're one of my students you probably came to this blog looking for Notater, Torill. That's where you find links and notes related to lectures in Norwegian - and some in English.

Some work online

Media-ludic approaches: Critical reflections on games and research practice, Torill Elvira Mortensen and Emma Witkowski (special issue editors) (2018), MedieKultur vol. 34, no. 64.

Introduction to Special Issue: Media-ludic approaches: Critical reflections on games and research practice. Torill Elvira Mortensen, Emma Witkowski and Claus Toft-Nielsen, in MedieKultur, vol. 34, no. 64.

Real game worlds: The emotional reality of fictional worlds, Torill Elvira Mortensen, in MedieKultur, vol. 34, no. 64.

Estetikk og Spillelementer, Torill Mortensen og Kristine Jørgensen (2013) in Norsk Medietidsskrift, v 20, nr 3.

Transformed play: sharing resources for live-action roleplay and reenactment, Torill E. Mortensen (2012), in Proceedings for The Transformative museum, Roskilde University Denmark, May 23rd - 25th 2012.

O jogo enquanto vida moralmente correta: hedonismo utilitário, a ética do jogo?, Torill Elvira Mortensen (2011), in Fronteiras; estudos midiáticos, v. 13, n. 3 (2011).

The player as hedonist: the problem of enjoyment, Torill Elvira Mortensen (2010), in Enslin, Astrid: Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds, volume 2, issue 2 2010.

Training, sharing or cheating? Gamer strategies to get a digital upper hand, Torill Elvira Mortensen (2010), in Peters, Michael A. and Tina (AC) Besley: E-learning and Digital Media, volume 7, number 1 2010.

Me, the Other, Torill Elvira Mortensen (2007), in Harrigan, Pat and Noah Wardrip-Fruin (eds) Second Person; Roleplaying and Story in Games and Playable Media, The MIT Press, Boston.

WoW is the new MUD, Social Gaming from Text to Video, Torill Elvira Mortensen (2006), in Douglas Thomas (ed): Games and Culture, a Journal of Interactive Media, Volume 1, Number 4, Sage Publications October 2006.

The Non-sense of Gender in Neverwinter Nights, Hilde Corneliussen and Torill Elvira Mortensen (2005), in Women in Games (2005) Conference papers, Dundee, Scotland 8-10 August 2005.

Flow, Seduction and Mutual Pleasure, Torill Mortensen (2004), in Sicart, Miguel and Jonas Heide Smith (ed): Other Players conference proceedings, Center for Computer Game Research, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 6-8 December 2004.

"The Wrong Millennium", Torill Elvira Mortensen (2004), book review in Anja Rau (ed): Tekka, volume 2, number 2, Eastgate, at:

Dialogue in slow motion, Torill Elvira Mortensen (2004), keynote at Blogtalk 2.0 in Vienna 2004.

Personal Publication and Public Attention, Torill Elvira Mortensen (2004): "Personal Publication and Public attention", in Gurak, Laura, Smiljana Antonijevic, Laurie Johnson, Clancy Ratliff and Jessica Reyman (ed): Into the Blogosphere; Rhetoric, Community and Culture of Weblogs, at, University of Minnesota.

Pleasures of the Player (pdf), Torill Elvira Mortensen (2003): Pleasures of the Player; Flow and control in online games, Doctoral Dissertation Volda College and University of Bergen.

The Geography of a Non-Place, Torill Mortensen (2003): "The Geography of a Non-Place", in Markku Eskelinen (ed): Dicthung Digital 4/2003.

Tracking the digital juggler, Torill Mortensen (2003): "Tracking the Digital Juggler" in Anja Rau and Mark Bernstein (ed):TEKKA vol. 1 nr. 3, Eastgate (Requires subscription).

Blogg dine egne nyheter (pdf her) Torill Mortensen (2003): "Blogg dine egne nyheter," kronikk i Dagbladet 14.06.2003.

Playing with Players Torill Mortensen (2002): "Playing with Players: Potential methodologies for MUDs," in Game Studies, issue 2, Espen Aarseth (ed), at

Blogging Thoughts (pdf) Torill Mortensen and Jill Walker: "Blogging thoughts: personal publication as an online research tool," in: Researching ICTs in Context, ed. Andrew Morrison, InterMedia Report, 3/2002, Oslo 2002.

Torill Mortensen (2001)://Estetikk til å leke med, eller: å jage drager, i Localmotives 14: /nettkunst, red: Jill Walker, Kevin Foust (min siste versjon av artikkelen).

The Gamers' Space

The Gamers' Space is a small project I am doing in the spring 2009. It includes an electronic survey, pictures of game machines of different kinds, and interviews done at The Gathering, a large LAN party in Hamar, Norway. For participation, more information, links and addresses, check The Gamers' Space.

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