Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Just had an interesting discussion with a student who's writing a paper on the Norwegian documentary Alias Slayer, about a Norwegian buy who won a world tournament in - I think it was Half-life...

Anyway, her theory was that the boy was like a game-character, because game-characters don't express emotions when they win, and neither did he.

I told her that I have seen too many victory dances among game characters to think that her assumption about games was correct. Now I am in doubt though, because I can't remember any. Anybody else remember an example?

And I'll do something I am not too happy about for this - unlike tinka, who checks the number of readers for her site and gets spooked, I just assume that everybody reading this already have my email address, which limits the number to a manageable size. But in case you don't, and you want to tell me about a game and what kind of message/response you get at the victory in that game, write to tm at hivolda dot no

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