Wednesday, March 13, 2002

OK, I thought this would pass, and you, all the people out there, would think I was just a little lazy. But already Monday Jill asked me: "Torill, is anything wrong? You haven't blogged lately." I made an effort yesterday, but today I just have to give up.

My back is hurting. It's not the "oh it's so good to rest" kind of pain. It's the type of pain that drives me crazy, has me moving all the time searching for a position which hurts less, has me waking up at the middle of the night in order to turn around carefully, has me yelling at the kids for putting down the tea-cup just out of my reach forcing me slightly out of balance while I stretch, has me startling students with outbursts of pain when I stand up, has my colleagues jumping to attention moving chairs and tables when I sit down/get up - the kind of pain that would have made the doctor give me some of those really strong painkillers if I went to see him. But I don't. I am a stubborn idiot, and painkillers make me throw up - I am a little allergic to most sedatives, and get a buzz from the slightest touch of morphin. I could stay home, but I would work anyway, at least at work I have good chairs, good computers and corridors to roam when I can't sit still.

But it makes me angry, bitter and prone to whine, and it also breaks my concentration, so I don't even whine with style and a sense of humour. Therefore - I may blog - or I may not. If you don't hear from me, don't worry, I have not been abducted by aliens (I'd actually prefer that right now) or taken away by the men in white coats while wearing a straightjacket. I am just walking through a darkened corridor, muttering mild curses, scaring students with guilty consciences.

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