Thursday, March 14, 2002

different models for structuring the thesis - first 5 chapters (of 12)

1: introduction
2: positioning in the field of research
3: methodology
4: theories, relevant, writing, reading etc
5: describing the object
1: introduction
2: methodology
3: positioning in the field
4 - 5 as over
1: introduction
2: positioning in the field
3: theories, relevant - writing, reading etc
4: Methodology
5: describing the object
(6: the interview as method)(7: Online worlds and online places: discussion) (8: games, game-theory and roleplaying) (9: Good games, built on the interviews) (10: Online role-playing and the aesthetics in action) (11: A possible aesthetics of games) (12: conclusion)

I am trying to bring all of this to some kind of order. At the moment I am playing around with colours. The first five chapters are gold, pink, green, blue and silver. Drafted on black paper. When I am not drawing I am walking.

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