Thursday, August 15, 2002

Among startling trivia such as links to articles of tool using birds, the weblog of the invisible city, Invisible Broadcast introduces interesting and exiting little tidbits of thought and information for those who are interested in role-playing games. I found this through Jeremy P. Bushnell's blog Narrative Technologies. This is a weblog where he discusses the serialised story Imaginary Year.

I have a weakness for stories told in serial form, I like to be restrained and kept from the gluttony of reading an entire book in one long sitting, I like to read a short piece created specifically to satisfy the reading pleasure of the moment, and I also like conglomerates of interlinked topics: narrative, discussion, links to related threads and of course the occasional delightful detour into personal matters. And Jeremy is a gamer too - what more can I ask for?

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