Friday, August 16, 2002

Yesterday's top post looks ridiculous if you can read it. Here's what happened, from my side of it: When I tried to go to, I got to the correct URL, but instead of finding this blog, I found something called "mitchsthoughts", a few posts by a young man who was continuously talking about things he did not like, blogger among those. The word he used to describe what he did not like was "gay". The band he had listened to with some friends was "the gayest thing he had ever heard", etc. Aside from the assault of stupidity, I was upset with the thought of how easily I could lose my voice on the net. A glitch, an unfriendly hacker, an unexpected formatting of a disk, and more than a year of work will be lost. Scary.

Well, the blog is back, I hope it will stay here, and I feel like I have come back in the warmth after having lost the keys while some stranger had a party in my house.

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