Tuesday, August 06, 2002

This is supposed to be webcam which shows the building in which I work, and the road to the main building on the campus. If you're lucky, you might see me hurrying across here, on my way to the main administration, library or just going to get a cappucino with my lunch.

Volda College consists of three large and scattered small buildings, all but the newest main building a mixture of styles all the way from the classisism of the old Teacher's College from the 19th century, by way of the functionalistic buildings of the District College, not quite 30 years old, touching on functional barracs from just about any period up to the modern, sleek building signifying Volda College, unifying the District College and the Teacher's College: A postmodern boathouse for space-ships which accidentally got a main eating/mingling space that's the best concert hall in Volda. That was not planned, they tried to deaden the sound because it's quite exhausting to be able to hear everything in that very large room, but to no avail. And since the room is built kind of like an auditorium, with levels sinking towards the wide floor at the bottom, it doesn't just have great sound, but also offers a decent place to see the performance.

In summer, when there are no students around to see the teaching staff behave undignified, we play whispering games in this room - walk all across and speak, quietly - or whisper - to see how far the sound will carry.

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