Friday, August 23, 2002

Anders knows how to find the good life in Norway, at his family's summer house. This week-end my family and I (and quite a few friends) are off to my mother's summer house. I won't be hunting mussels there, too many farms around the bay where we have our vacation paradise: a high threshold at the entrance to the fjord, and lots of fertiliser for algae from the farms... you want to watch your shellfish there.

But if I am lucky this week-end, you'll get a description of Norwegian fishcakes that might restore some of the faith in Norwegian cooking. I am off to the private paradise of my family, and I can't wait to go. The weather is lovely here, I haven't spent time in the boathouse all summer, haven't woken up in the really early hours and seen the otters sneak off with the remains of our fish dinners, haven't watched the seals stare at us from the water, haven't watched the porpoises hunt schools of hering, haven't studied the flight of the seagulls to see where the hering surfaces - always good fishing around the migrating silver of the sea - haven't listened to the water as I wake up in the dead of night, haven't.... in short, I am going to have a great week-end doing a lot of stuff which always makes me say what my father used to say: "Us poor people, we have the good life!"

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